Tony and Sophia were united in December 2011.  We thank everyone who was part of this great story.

We love you, Sophia!





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Tony takes a break on Thanksgiving to have a little fun!







We went to the Vandalia Elementary School to give a brief presentation on "How Dogs Help People", to let the kids know about the P.A.C.K. Reading program and to let them pet our Therapy Dogs.  Tony attended the event.  We gave the presentation to three groups (4th, 3rd and 2nd graders) and after each presentation, the kids came by to pet the dogs.  Tony handled it like a trouper.





  Here is a brief video showing some of the "Task" training Tony is experiencing on his way to become Sophia's Service Dog.  It includes learning how to retrieve items of various shapes, weights and textures and bring them "to hand".  He is also learning to "Tug Open" a heavy door, turn off a wall-mount light switch and turn on/off a portable touch lamp that could be mounted anywhere.  Tony is also learning to "nudge" the leg of an adult in response to a medical device alert sound.  





To best serve Sophia, Tony needs to learn how to move comfortably next to a motorized chair.  We use the carts at Wal-Mart as a substitute for that experience.  There are usually plenty of shoppers to provide distractions, but Tony handled it like a trouper.  He measures his pace, well, and handled the many tight spaces with calm confidence.  Good boy, Tony!


December 17, 2011



Gifts for Tony & Sophia from Committed Canine, Inc.



Sophia by her tree, with gifts for Tony ready to open on Christmas

  Tony's deliver date has been moved up so that he and Sophia could be together for Christmas.  There's less than a week, now, before they will meet each other for the first time!  
  We want to thank everyone who clicked on our Donate button, as well as many friends and relatives of Susan and Ray Rayfield who ran a Christmas card campaign for the Tony & Sophia fund.  Through their generosity, gifts arrived at Sophia's home to be placed under the tree and opened when Sophia and her dog & Tony and his girl will be together.  Thank you, Susan, for purchasing, organizing, wrapping and delivering all the goodies!  
  We also learned that Sophia's, sister, Sydney has been helping prepare for the big day by pretending to be Tony!  Excellent plan, Sydney!  We applaud your efforts to make the transition as smooth as possible!  We are certain you will be a wonderful helper when Tony arrives.  

Area Newspaper Story about Sophia & Tony is published December 22, 2011


December 22 & 23, 2011


Sophia's Dad comes to Committed Canine to learn how to handle Tony as a Service Dog.





Dave working Tony in a Park



Tony remaining quiet under the table at a restaurant



Tony, all ready to travel home to meet his Sophia for the first time.




Dave's first public excursion as Tony's Handler




Dave training towards the Public Access Test.



December 23, 2011 (Christmas Eve somewhere in the world)



Tony, wearing a big red bow, meets his little girl Sophia for the first time.


  Dave delivers Tony to his little girl, Sophia.  He sends photos and writes: 
There are no words to describe the joy that Sophia is feeling right now. She looked at Tony and said," Tony, you're my wish come true....I love you".     She won't let him out of her sight:)
  Thank you Make A Wish of IL for making Sophia's wish come true.  We are honored to have been part of this little girl's dream.  
   --- Robert & Tammie Rogers  
        Co-founders, Committed Canine, Inc.  




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