Telephone Consultation
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Every week we receive many emails and telephone calls about Service Dogs, mostly from folks who are just

beginning to explore whether it is a good option for them.   Tammie enjoys speaking with people who are seeking

information about such an important topic. Because those inquiries can come in when we are too busy to give them their due time, we have decided to offer a telephone consultation service.

The first email response or the first 30 minute telephone call is free of charge.  It is our gift to you. 

Unless you secure a service with Committed Canine, we often do not have the resources to continue answering multiple emails or telephone calls in a timely manner.  If, after the initial call, you require additional help, we ask that you use our telephone consultation service.   It’s typically faster to reply verbally, than writing in email, so even if you have written we prefer to move to a telephone consultation format, so that more information can be transferred in less time.

We ask that you provide your list of questions in advance so that we can be efficient, and you will get

as much information as possible during our telephone time together.

In 2018, Robert and Tammie will be addressing some health issues, so we are not

going to be training and placing Custom Trained Service Dogs.   Questions that are specifically about

our Custom Training option will not be answered in great detail, including when we plan to resume that service.

We are still offering three sessions of our TEACH program.  

Please note that during telephone consultations:

The calls must be pre-scheduled.

We will not offer direct, dog training instruction.

You may ask a question like, “My dog is snapping at other dogs, is she still a suitable candidate Service Dog?”   But, you may not ask, “How do I stop my dog from snapping at other dogs?”

We will offer proper dog management recommendations that support training.  

You may ask a question like, “Do you think it is better to put my dog in a crate or leave her in a room when I am gone,” because it is management related, not training related.

Questions about breed selection are a good subject for discussion as are questions about accessibility,

child handlers, psychiatric service dog use, or what types of tasks a dog can be trained to perform.

We will not offer recommendations to other training schools.   You may find this

organization helpful to locate a professional trainer in your area:

International Association of Canine Professionals

If you want to train your own dog independently, train your own dog under the supervision of

professionals (like TEACH), or identify a dog that you would like to have professionally

trained, here is some information regarding how to acquire a suitable dog that may eliminate your

need to schedule a telephone consultation.

How to Select the Right Breed For You 

How to Research Breeders 

How to Select a Service Dog Breed 

How to Acquire a Puppy 

TO SCHEDULE A TELEPHONE CONSULTATION Send an email to Tammie. Use the Subject Line:  Telephone Consultation Give your name and list the top three questions you would like to discuss. Provide a general timeframe when you can receive calls: Morning, Afternoon, Early evening Days of the week you can receive a call Your time zone Phone number where you can be reached Tammie will get back to you in email to schedule your call.  The fee is $20 for 30 minutes.  $30 for 45 minutes.