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How To Earn Money For Your Future Service Dog

Service Dogs


Look around your house and determine  whether you could sell anything you might not  really need.  Or, if you enjoy doing so, you can  go to yard or rummage sales where you can  buy stuff very cheap and re-sell some of it on  E-bay or Craigslist.    You just have to be organized and be able to research the prices that certain  things are selling at.  I think that's the tough part.  So, in order to succeed,  choose items you know about and that stir some level of passion inside of  you, or you'll just end up with a bunch of junky stuff cluttering your life.    I  met a woman the other day at the Post Office who routinely turned a profit  on E-bay.   She said that she made between $50 and $400 a month, but it  did require work and knowledge.  She explained that she would pick up a  "box of mixed stuff" at a rummage sale that included at least some things  she knew she could itemize and resell.  I asked her what sort of stuff she  sought.   She said that she recently picked up a box of "general household  stuff" for $10 that contained another box of dozens of buttons for clothing.   Once she itemized and photographed them, she put them up at Ebay.    I  don't know a thing about sewing or what people want in that regard.  So, I  would never choose that project for myself.  But, this woman was into sewing and she knew that people were always looking for specific buttons.  Who  knew?  She turned a $10 box of stuff into about $35 worth of profit on the  buttons, alone.    Of course, if you aren't into sewing or buttons, that would be the wrong  project for you.  But, everyone is passionate about something.  Type your  passion into Craigslist or Ebay and see what comes up!  If you don't know  what your passion is, start paying attention to the articles or books you read,  or the types of television shows that you watch. 


If you are good at organizing thoughts you can sell  that skill to folks who can use your talent.   At Craigslist you can sell your service of searching  for items that someone is struggling to find, or who  doesn't have the time to find.  For example,  someone who is looking for a "used leather sofa"  may fail to do the search for "couch."  Some  people refer to a sofa as a "couch."  If you know  that and someone else doesn't, you can find items  that a person would miss in her own search.   You  can use  www.thesaurus.com as a guide when  someone asks you to find a specific item, or do a  quick google search to see how it may also be  defined.      You can charge a small percentage of the  product's cost.  You hook people up with things  they want but are unable to, or unwilling to find for  themselves.  It’s a win-win situation!  Use PayPal to get paid.  You can have clients all  over the country, or even the world.  The more you  do that sort of work, the more you increase  your  own awareness of the whole realm of Craigslist  and how to negotiate it, which, in turn, develops  your talent and makes you more efficient at  helping others. 


Having a disability doesn't have to mean you are trapped or unable to be  productive.  Even if you cannot leave your home, or work "normal" hours, in  today's world, if you have access to a computer you can make some money.  If  you don't have a computer, your local library does.  So, if you can get to the  library, you may partake in the opportunities that abound.  If you don't have a  computer and cannot get to the library, someone you know may have a portable  device that you can use.  Many people are able to access the world through an i-  phone and nothing more.  If you don't want to use the vastness of the internet,  read below.  There are always things that you can do to make extra money to  acquire your Service Dog.  Today, your gift, your special talent can be shared with the world and you can get paid for offering it.  And, you don't even have to  create something.  You can just use your organizational skills or other analytical aptitudes to help someone who will be happy to  pay you for the service.  Some people have more money than time.  Others have more time than money.  If you can spare some  time, you can offer a service or a product to someone who will find great value in what you can provide.  Here are a couple of good places to start.  If you don't find inspiration on these lists, just type "how to make money" into the search  box at Google or Yahoo to get additional idea. 


To make some extra money, you may want to sell something that you make by 

hand.  A great place to do so is at www.Etsy.com   What I love about Etsy is that 

everything must be home made to sell it there, so people who buy there feel good 

about the purchase, if they value supporting the “little guy”.   What’s great is that you 

can also purchase the articles which may be required to make the handmade items 

on Etsy.  So, if you want to make jewelry, you can buy the raw materials (like beads, 

feathers, clasps etc…).  Then, you can assemble your products at home and sell 

your custom earrings or bracelets  on-line.   There are even people who make 

money creating the "e-stores" for people who want to sell on Etsy.  They sell the 

"fashion" look of the "storefront", which is just graphics, of course.  If you are good at Photoshop, you can even sell that sort of art to 

people who want to open a shop at Etsy - all without ever leaving your home. 

I have purchased organic dried fruits, shortbread cookies, jams, fudge, home-made dog biscuits, parrot toys and a few other things at  Etsy.  I love that site.   I also purchased 70% of my Christmas presents off Etsy.  I like the feeling of sending my loved ones something  that you cannot purchase at a normal retail shop.  Making pet toys is very easy, and very lucrative.  If you know parrots, they pretty much destroy any toy you offer them, and, in fact, that  is the whole reason parrot owners give them toys - so, that they can shred things like they do in the wild.  So, good parrot owners are  always buying new toys.  You can buy the pieces of leather, wood and rope to make parrot toys on any number of internet sites (just  google it).  Sit and watch TV while you assemble them into cute sizes and shapes, which you can mimic (no pun intended) just by  looking at other toys.  Go to Ebay and type in "parrot toy".  All the stuff you would ever need is right there.  You can sell a nice parrot toy  for $15 that cost only a couple dollars to make.  It takes little or no skills, just a wee bit of creativity.  But, do your research and  purchase only food grade food coloring to "paint" the objects and refrain from certain metals and other toxic products to keep them safe  for the parrots.  You can find all those items for sale at Ebay.    I saw some very simple cat toys made of "recycled faux fur" at Etsy for $8.00 each.  They could not have cost more than a dollar to  make.   There are also hand made crocheted pet toys that are very cute, some that have been stuffed with catnip.  According to the  APPA (American Pet Products Assoc), in 2012, Americans will spend $20 BILLION on their pets.  I just don't think that, in today's world where we can access people all around the world to buy from and sell to, with things like PayPal  and shops like Etsy, there's any reason that a person cannot give their gift to the world and get paid to do so.  If those funds go to  secure your new Service Dog, everyone will be happy.

You can write free-lance articles (including about being disabled, or your journey to get a Service Dog) for dog training magazines 

or other more general blogs or magazines.  You could write a book and sell it at Amazon.com.   Today, you don't need a publisher to 

tell you whether you have the right to offer your information to the world.  You don't need to submit a hard copy, perfectly formatted 

copy of your manuscript to some big publishing company in New York that may or may not send you a reject notice.   You just need 

to write a helpful article, story or non-fiction book.

Use a publish-on-demand company like www.lulu.com or www.createspace.com to create a 

hardcopy of your book that you can sell at Amazon.com or any other vendor (if you purchase the 

$25 extended distribution option that will market it to places like Barnes and Noble).  Or, you can use 

Kindle Direct Publishing   to create a "Kindle" e-book version, only.  Go to those sites and look around.  If you want to pay for 

special services like proof reading, editing or cover creation, you can.  But, you don't need to spend any money, at all, to get 

published at either of those sites.  People are writing books and even small pamphlets on hundreds of topics.  Do you have 

something to say to the world?  Do you want to be paid for sharing it?  You can even create a blog and sell paid subscriptions to it, 

if you are interested in writing just a little on a daily basis, rather than waiting to finish a whole book.  You can decide the price you 

want to sell your e-book, anywhere from 99 cents up.  Do you have hundreds of 3 x 5 cards stuffed in a drawer that contain great, 

old recipes?  Publish a Cook Book!   

Use social media, like Facebook and Twitter to market your products to the world.  The great thing about publishing with 

createspace or amazon kindle direct publishing is that they publish on demand (there's no need to hold inventory), so you have no 

cost, at all.  And, when someone buys your book, they will handle the sale and ship the product for you at no cost.  Once a month, 

you will receive a royalty check for any books that were sold off their site.   Let the world know what is on your mind and get paid!



Even if you don't want to entertain the idea of using cyberspace to make a little extra money,  there are other things that you may be able to do in your own neighborhood to earn some cash.  You could run errands for the elderly or offer to make them a hot meal that you deliver.   If you have a car, you can offer to drive people where they need to go.  Where I live,  there is a local Mennonite community who still do not use vehicles.  There are folks  who have large passenger vans that offer them rides to town, when they need to do  errands. Wash and/or iron clothes for people.  When I was a kid my mom took all my dad's work  shirts to "the ironing lady".  She did it out of her own home.  My mom took clean, but  un-ironed shirts to her, and she returned them neatly pressed on hangers, that my  mom took along with the shirts.  Care for your neighbor's pets when they are on vacation (or work long hours), or offer to  walk their dog during the day.  If you cannot walk long distances, offer to go to the neighbor's  house and let the dog outside and to play with it for 30 minutes, instead.  If you charged $6 for a  pet visit and went Monday - Friday for 30 minutes/visit and you had  three clients, you could make $90/week x 4 week = $360 in one  month.  In six months you would have $2,160 (which would cover the  tuition for Phase One of the T.E.A.C.H. class), and you would only  spend 1.5 hours per day "working" plus the time it would take you to go to and from your  neighbor's house.  If you could work 3 hours per day (and have 6 clients) you'd have over  $2000 (the tuition plus $320 for your travel expenses) in just 3 months!  Taking on the responsibility of earning the funds for your Service Dog puts you in  control and can also be fun as well as rewarding.  If you let folks know what  you are doing (”I'm selling these items to earn money for my future Service  Dog”),  some people may even be more generous than the fee you set for your  goods or service.   People love to help people who are trying to help themselves.
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