Emotional Support Animal Committed Canine 2015

Emotional Support Animal

The designation of Emotional Support Animal was defined by the Federal Fair Housing Act. Basically, the point of such a designation is to offer a disabled individual who resides in rental property with a no-pets clause, to have access to the emotional benefits of cohabitating with a companion animal.  It does not specifically apply to dogs.  There is no requirement that the animal is specifically trained.  Some people want the benefit of a companion animal, but struggle training a dog.  Or, they currently have a dog that is a nuisance because it is not well trained.  As professional dog trainers, we can train your dog so that it provides greater benefit as an ESA or we can identify a suitable dog and train it as an ESA. The handler / owner of an Emotional Support Animal does not have the same access rights, in public places, as the handler of a fully trained Service Dog.  If you do not intend to utilize the dog outside of your home, but want a well-trained dog as a companion, an ESA may be the right option for you.  It will cost significantly less money than a Service Dog, but it can be trained to perform some service functions, at your request. Our fee to train an ESA is $400/week.  The typical duration is 3-4 weeks.   Here are some links that describe ESAs and the laws that oversee them  
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