Dog Locator Service Committed Canine 2015


 We are in the process of developing a breeding program so that we can offer dogs that we raised for T.E.A.C.H. participants or folks requesting professionally trained dogs.  You will find dogs that we have available here: Whether you want to enroll in the professionally guided - owner trained Service Dog course, T.E.A.C.H. or you would like us to fully train your dog, you may bring us your own, suitable dog, or we can locate one for you. There are many resources on our FAQ page that will help you find your own dog, if you simply follow the instructions. But, if you prefer us to do it, use the Dog Locator Service application to make your request. This service is only available to people who plan to utilize one of the Committed Canine program to train the dog. You set the upper limit that you are able to spend on the dog, your preference for breed, gender, grooming requirements and other expectations and we will identify a suitable dog.  The Locator Service is $200.    It is paid prior to the service and it is non-refundable, unless a dog is not identified.  If you find a suitable dog after having paid the fee, there is no refund.Any veterinary care that the dog may require and transportation costs are not included.  The cost of training is separate.  
Available Dogs Available Dogs Dog Locator Application Dog Locator Application
Please wait to pay for the Dog Locator Service until your application has been reviewed and you hear back from us.