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Custom Trained Service Dogs T.E.A.C.H. Professionally Trained Therapy Dogs Telephone Consultations

We request our clients to source their own dog which we will train or professional guide the handler to train (via

T.E.A.C.H.) when the puppy reaches the appropriate age for training. When we have sufficient resources, we may be

available to raise and train one of our own pups. Fees apply.

Based on the needs that many of our clients have stated, we ocassionally breed and raise a specific mix that we have found to fulfill many of the criteria that some future Service Dog handlers seek, including a size suitable for mobility support, non- shedding coat, strong desire to please and learn new thing, naturally empathetic. View our Intention Canine Website for more information abouat our puppies. At this time we have a great candidate puppy available. Please contact us if you are interested by submitting the application for at the Intention Canine Website APPLICATION page, specify in the diaglog box that you are a disabled individual seeking the following POSH puppy:
“Chirp” is a male POSH (St. Poodle - Old English Sheepdog mix) born 3/19/2022 He has an exceptional disposition, is very willing to please and learn. Will be approximately 70 pounds as an adult. Has a non-shedding coat which will require professional or highly dedicatd grooming from his owner. He will be suitable for Service Dog tasks which include psychiatric support, light mobility, medical alert and other basic Service Dog task work. Chirp (you may change his Spring inspired name) will be ready for our custom training or enrollment in T.E.A.C.H. in January 2023.