Dedicated to the training and education of Service Dogs & their handlers.
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Therapy Dog vs Service Dog

Therapy Dogs are handled by

their owners (not typically

disabled) and visit with people in

nursing homes or participate in

children reading programs etc….

They have no legal access


Service Dogs are handled by

their DISABLED owners.  They

are individually task trained to

mitigate their owner's disability.  

They are defined by the ADA

(Americans With Disabilities Act). 

They must meet behavioral

standards for Public Access,

which far exceeds that of a

typical pet.  Their disabled

handlers have rights to equal

access which include utilizing a

Service Dog to mitigate their


Our Signature Program


Train & Educate

A Canine Helper

For a select group of

individuals, the T.E.A.C.H.

program not only offers an

economical solution to secure

a Service Dog, but for many

the process can be therapeutic,

as well.  It is an excellent

option for some military

veterans, individuals with

psychiatric disabilities, or those

who are willing and able to take

on the rigors of training a dog

to a high standard under our

professional guidance.

Emotional Support Animal

ESAs offer therapeutic benefits

to their disabled  owners who

reside in housing with a no-pet

policy.  They are defined by the

Federal Fair Housing Act and

are not protected to travel in


Comitted Canine is located in central Illinois, USA, 70 miles northeast of St. Louis, MO.  Individuals from all over the United States are welcome to take full advantage of our services as long as they are able to travel to our location for instruction or are within a maximum distance for our trainers to travel.  We offer our clients the flexibility to participate in the decision regarding the breed of dog they prefer and are open to receive a client’s own dog for professional instruction if it meets the requirements for training and Service Dog work.  We prefer to participate in the discussion regarding an appropriate dog for the job.  So, if you are considering utilizing a Service Dog to mitigate your disability, please contact us before acquiring a dog.  We offer the following types of Service Dogs: •Mobility Assist •Psychiatric Support •Medical Response •We do not offer dogs for the visually or hearing impaired, however, some tasks which assist the hearing impaired may be accomplished in the T.E.A.C.H. program
Flexibility  In Training Options Types of Dogs