COMMITTED   Canine   is   a   small   business   operated   by   Tammie   &   Robert   Rogers .         Robert   is   a veteran      of   the   United   States   Marine   Corps   with   18   years   of   experience   as   a   professional dog   trainer,   specializing   in   the   rehabilitation   of   anti-social   and   aggressive   dogs.         Tammie     has   over   30   years   of   experience   training   dogs   and   their   people.      She   is   an   author   who retired   from   a   20      year   career   as   a   biologist   in   Corporate   America   to   launch   DarnFar   Ranch, LLC and then open  Committed Canine in partnership with her husband.


Committed   Canine   is   dedicated   to   the   training   and   education   of   Service   Dogs   and   their handlers.            We   currently   only   receive   dogs   directly   from   their   owners,   and   we   custom   train each dog based on the client’s specific needs.  We specialize in the following Service Dog psychiatric medical  response mobility disabilities dog for children and adults  We enjoy working with US military veterans Options for training: Fully trained Custom Service Dog Professionally guided, owner-trained course ( T.E.A.C.H .)   Professional level Therapy Dogs o partnered with a professional school counselor or therapist


Committed   Canine   is   located   in   central   Illinois,   USA,   75   miles   northeast      of   St.   Louis,   MO.        Individuals   from   all   over   the   United   States   are      welcome   to   take   full   advantage   of   our services   as   long   as      they   are   able      to   transport   their   dog   to   us   and   then   travel   to   our   location for instruction.   See the Location page for details.


Custom   Training   is   scheduled   for   up   to   two   dog,   three   times   per   year.      See   the Custom Training  page for the schedule.   T.E.A.C.H.      courses   are   scheduled   for   up   to   three   students   per   class,   three   times   per year.  See the  T.E.A.C.H. class page for the schedule.


Please   browse   our   website   for   additional   details   about   our   services.         Use   our   Application   to contact   us   if   you   would   like   to   acquire   a   fully   trained   Service   Dog   or   participate   in   our T.E.A.C.H.  professionally guided-owner trained program.

Dedicated to the training & education of Service Dogs and their handlers.

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